Cowork­ing­space Hot­spot takes off in Bucharest

The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AHK Romania, is the first tenant to open Hotspot. German ambassador sees potential for companies. Exclusive coworking concept with its finger on the pulse of time.

Numerous guests from politics and business took part in the official opening of the co-working space Hotspot on February 25 in Bucharest, which was organized by the AHK Romania as it moved into the ultra-modern and innovative open space offices. Hotspot is a coworking brand of the German real estate specialist REC Partners GmbH and offers in Bucharest's most modern office building, The Mark, in the heart of the city on an area of around 2,000 square meters a high-quality mix of flexible team and open space offices with high-tech conference rooms and event areas. "By opting for Hotspot as a new location, AHK Romania made a good choice and sent a clear signal for a new strategic direction in a flexible coworking environment that encourages creativity and exchange," said Tudor Popp, co-founder of Hotspot, on the occasion of the opening.

Lively start-up scene with potential for German companies
In his speech, the German ambassador to Romania, SE Cord Meier-Klodt, emphasized that Romania is the location for high-end research in the technologies and production cycles of tomorrow. To this end, German companies continuously expanded their research and development capacities in Romania. "Romania offers a lively start-up scene and there is still so much potential, especially for German companies," said Meier-Klodt. "New concepts of working, as here in the co-working space hotspot of mobility and participation, are emerging." The AHK is now even closer to the innovative and creative minds of this start-up scene, with which networking with German companies should and should be deepened.

Convincing coworking concept
"Our innovative coworking concept convinced the AHK, the official representation of the German economy in Romania," said Popp. "With the modern and high-quality equipment, the high quality of work in a sophisticated and spacious atmosphere, we are pursuing a coworking approach that differs from the competition." The quality of the premises is unique in Bucharest. Very high rooms, large glass surfaces and several skylights give the building an extraordinary atmosphere. AHK Managing Director Sebastian Metz is also enthusiastic about the new modern, innovative and creative work environment for his 25 employees. "It is a nice feeling to have a new home, to be able to furnish it anew, to be able to develop new ideas." The whole team is excited and is looking forward to it. “We want to create a different level of community, for our community, with our community. We want to be even more innovative, more modern, we want to further develop our networking formats and we want to open ourselves up to our community. And all of this is possible here, in Hotspot, in the new premises of the AHK.”

On the cutting edge - promoting innovation and creativity
Freya Lemcke, representative of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the EU in Brussels, pointed out with regard to the premises that the choice of the AHK proves that it is also up to date here, wants to remain relevant, is modern, try out formats that go with the times to make business relationships and entrepreneurs fit for the future. The state-of-the-art premises stimulated innovation and creativity, said AHK President Dr. Dragoș Anastasiu and added that this environment promotes communication and that one can find quicker ways to one another, which means teamwork and faster decisions.

With Hotspot, REC primarily wants to appeal to small and medium-sized, already established companies that either want to expand freshly into the Romanian market or to established companies that need a certain degree of flexibility. "Our vision is to use Hotspot to build the best coworking brand in Romania and to offer companies a place where they can work, grow, interact with others and increase their potential in an ergonomic environment," added Popp.

About AHK Romania
The AHK Romania is the official representation of the German economy in Romania and at the same time the largest bilateral chamber of commerce in Romania. AHK Romania, founded in September 2002, has around 600 member companies and offers companies an important networking platform for the exchange of experience and information. https://www.ahkrumaenien.ro