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Hot­spot – REC Part­ners enters the cowork­ing mar­ket with its own brand

REC Partners opens its first coworking space in Bucharest in November under the brand name Hotspot. In "The Mark", the most stylish and state-of-the-art office building in the heart of the city, a high-quality mix of flexible team and open-space offices with high-tech conference rooms and event areas is currently being created on an area of around 2,000 square meters.

With Hotspot as a pilot project in Bucharest, REC is pursuing a co-working approach that differentiates from the competition. Instead of a high density of workspaces, REC relies on high workplace quality in a sophisticated ambience. The quality of the space and the feeling of space that the area offers in "The Mark" is unique in Bucharest. Very high ceilings, large glass surfaces and several skylights give the building an extraordinary atmosphere.

High quality workplaces

"In addition to the impressive architecture, the outstanding quality of individual workplaces plays a particularly important role in our concept. That means: as much privacy as possible instead of loud, packed open-plan offices, high-quality ergonomic equipment, fresh air and plenty of natural light. This clearly sets our hotspot concept apart from the competition, "explains Tudor Popp, Managing Director of REC Partners in Bucharest. There are also flexible high-tech meeting rooms as well as conference and event spaces with an exclusive range of services.

Expertise in the office real estate market

REC's Building Experts have many years of expertise in the planning and implementation of office buildings as well as in the design of office space that meets the individual needs of ambitious user target groups. With its Hotspot, REC intends to appeal primarily to small and medium-sized, already well-established companies that either want to expand their business into the Romanian market or are already established companies in the market that require flexibility, quality and representation. "Our vision is to build the best coworking brand in Romania with Hotspot and provide businesses with a place to work, grow, interact and increase their potential in an ergonomic environment," Popp continues.

Booming market promises opportunities

According to current studies, the coworking market worldwide offers interesting growth prospects in the coming years. So far, only between two and five percent of office buildings are equipped with flexible coworking spaces. It is expected that this share will rise to 30 to 50 percent in the coming years. "Reason enough to pick up this trend," explains Popp. Although the Hotspot in Bucharest will open its space at first in November, REC Partners looks already further. "First, we want to establish our brand in Romania and then expand in the medium term," explains Popp. "Especially in the region of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, we see good opportunities for further Hotspot workhubs."

About REC Partners

REC Partners GmbH is an international team of engineers, architects and economists with offices in Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Cologne and Bucharest. Over the past 15 years, the company has supported clients across Europe in developing, managing and improving real estate projects totaling more than 10 million square meters. REC Partners employs around 80 people in Germany and Romania.
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