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REC Part­ners: Stra­tegic Realign­ment on Build­ing Excel­lence

Frankfurt a.M, 16 January 2018: Real estate specialist REC Partners has pooled its resources in the second half of last year: with the merger of REC Concepts and REC Experts under the umbrella of the new REC Partners GmbH, the company will benefit even more from its synergies of its Building Experts in all performance areas. As part of the strategic realignment, REC Partners GmbH will also focus more on planning complex real estate projects and revitalizing commercial real estate. With this first step in the implementation of the new, integrated Building Excellence philosophy, REC Partners is unifying its market presence and at the same time increasing its focus on customer orientation. The company remains in its selfimage the reliable partner who thinks and acts according to the strategies of its customers. The new, dynamic concept is also reflected in the revised logo and the redesigned website (

Focus on maintenance, modernization and revitalization planning of commercial real estate

With the restructuring, REC Partners delivers its comprehensive service portfolio, from analysis and strategy development to planning and implementation of complex real estate projects, all from a single source. In addition to the well-known scope of services in the classic areas such as TDD and monitoring, however, the company will increasingly focus on expanding the area of ​​planning complex real estate projects. In this respect, REC Partners GmbH will contribute its know-how as general planner and project controller, especially in the context of modernization and revitalization projects of commercial real estate. In addition, the company is placing a further emphasis on expanding its integrative, strategic advice to its customers in asset management.

Greater efficiency and increased customer benefit

The experienced and well-rehearsed international teams of engineers, architects and economic experts can now collaborate even more efficiently under the umbrella of REC Partners GmbH. Increased use of internal synergies simultaneously increases customer benefit. Thanks to its integrated approach, the company can offer each individual customer modular solutions that precisely match their respective strategic goals and economic requirements. At the same time, REC Partners GmbH remains the reliable and trusting partner for its customers with the greatest possible efficiency on the basis of transparent cost planning. The company has no less ambitious goal in every project with high-quality solutions and excellent service than to exceed customer expectations as far as possible.

Long-term appreciation of real estate

In addition to developing forward-looking ideas in partnership with international partner networks, REC Partners' focus in the Building Excellence program is on precise solutions that meet both current and future customer requirements. The main aim of the company is to offer its customers perspectives for a long-term increase in the value of the property through a qualified appraisal, intelligent planning and reliable implementation of real estate projects. Over the past 13 years, REC Partners has developed, managed and improved real estate projects covering more than 10 million square meters across Europe. Based on this experience, REC Partners' Building Experts know very well which measures are economically viable and can generate added value in accordance with the strategic goals of the owners.

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Data protection
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