REC Part­ners GmbH realigns management

Cologne, November 10, 2021 - REC Partners GmbH is reorganizing its management. Dr. Tarkan Barin leaves the management. The managing partner and company founder Andreas Schlote withdraws from the operative business. Christine Wisniewski and Georg Jetas move up into the management.

Managing partner and founder of REC Partners GmbH, Andreas Schlote, retired from the operational business and management of REC at the end of September 2021 for reasons of age and health. However, as the majority shareholder, he will continue to have a say in the company's fortunes. "Andreas Schlote has always been a driving force in our company and with his decisions has made a significant contribution to the success of REC Partners GmbH over the past 17 years", explains first managing director Holger Wille. "We are pleased that Andreas will continue to give important impulses in his function as majority shareholder and as advisory voice to REC Partners GmbH."

Dr. Tarkan Barin withdrew from REC Partners GmbH at his own request at the end of October 2021 after 11 years with the company. In the future, he will concentrate on his core competencies in the field of technical due diligence in his own company. "As managing director, with his many years of expertise in the field of technical evaluation, Dr. Barin has made a significant contribution to the success of REC Partners GmbH and has significantly shaped the image of the company,” says Holger Wille. The company will continue to operate in the field of technical assessment in the future and will intensively cultivate the very good customer relationships that have developed over the years.

With Christine Wisniewski and Georg Jetas, employees and shareholders of REC Partners GmbH from the very beginning move up into the management. In this function, Christine Wisniewski will, among other things, take over the commercial area, while Georg Jetas will be responsible for the design of the operational processes. The first managing director will be Holger Wille, who was previously responsible for planning and project management as managing director.

The changes in management are not associated with any restructuring within the company. REC Partners GmbH will continue to focus on the area of ​​planning / project management as well as the area of ​​technical due diligence.