• Analysis

    • After many years of experience and millions of square meters analysed

      we are quick and efficient in checking all technical aspects of your buildings. From classical due diligence investigations to safety inspections and special topics like maintenance quality. We also analyse projects and tendering documents.

    • Redevelopment consulting

      The refurbishment of your existing property must be well and thoroughly prepared in order to avoid surprises later on. In order to make your property (again) safe under building law and economically usable, to enable a profitable letting/sale or to avoid stranding in the near future, we will show you the (mandatory) required refurbishment measures, suggest sensible measures and possible alternatives, which we will underpin with rough costs for an initial assessment.

    • Fire Safety Consulting

      Preventative fire safety and protection is a mandatory obligation that will continue to grow in importance. And in the maze of statutory fire safety requirements, we know our way around. Our fire safety and protection experts can identify and resolve even the most difficult fire safety issues, based on their experience over a wide number of complex projects.

    • Technical Due Diligence

      By carrying out a professional Technical Due Diligence (T(E)DD), our experts will ensure that you know the exact technical condition of the investigated building. This includes generating a detailed list for investment (CAPEX list) that is required to raise the property to the required level, within the scope of the customer’s strategy.

    • Project Audit

      Will a proposed property development project actually fulfil the requirements of future users? Have the standards and regulations been, or will they be complied with in the design? We are able to conduct qualified project audits, so that deviations from the requirements are clearly identified.

    • Technical Asset Management

      We take over responsibility on behalf of the customer: Our technical asset management experts act as an interface for our customers between asset and property management, and place a focus on maintaining the value and return on investment of the property.

    • Facility Management Audit

      It is good to know if facility management is organised in a cost-effective manner and operates with the full advantage of the latest technology. We make sure, on behalf of the customer, that benchmarks and values required by standards are actually met, and make recommendations for organisational and technical improvements. We also check on the competitive price situation and, where appropriate, prepare a tender document for the sourcing the required services.

    • Building Documentation

      This is the foundation for every transaction. Building documentation is the fundamental basis for making informed decisions. Our experienced experts take over all necessary measures to ensure that documentation is as perfect as the name implies, from checking and completing the contents, through to expert analysis, right down to scanning and revising spatial data.

    • Energy Audit

      We ensure that our customers can make full use of existing potential to save energy, through analysis of the energy performance and efficiency of the property. Therefore, in addition to fulfilling a tiresome obligation, landlords also profit from an energy audit conducted by our experts.

  • Strategy

    • We strongly believe in proper project planning and well-structured controlling.

      Without having an exact idea what‘s going on, real estate projects are just guesswork. For this reason we don‘t stop after realisation of your building but see it as the starting point of our common journey.

    • Redevelopment Scenarios

      Expert advice for every investment decision, from start to finish. From purchasing the building plot through to the building use concept and financial budgets: We have the comprehensive knowledge and experience to be able to support you in your property development, particularly for commercial property projects.

    • Feasibility Study

      The success of a project is critically dependent on the availability of the right information, from the very start. That is why we develop dependable feasibility studies for new buildings and renovation.

    • ESG adaptations

      The valuation of investments according to the EU taxonomy regulations have brought the topic of ESG into focus in the real estate industry. Our ESG adaptation captures the characteristic values of your property or portfolio and adds new aspects to the valuation to ensure an optimal valuation of your asset. We advise you on how to improve the energy balance/CO₂ footprint and provide recommendations on alternative ways of implementation. In addition, we point out possibilities for optimising the consumption of technical systems and examine the climate resilience of your building. We also record and document the socially effective factors.

    • Organisational Consulting

      Every change presents a good opportunity to redefine and improve the spatial organisation of a property. We offer our customers the basis for improving building structures, through comprehensive evaluation of external and internal development, surface utilisation and spatial relationships.

    • Energy consulting

      Den CO₂-Footprint von Immobilen zu senken ist eine der zentralen Aufgaben der kommenden Dekade. Der Schlüssel im Betrieb liegt in der Optimierung des Energieverbrauchs, um Ihr Gebäude möglichst lange wirtschaftlich und klimafreundlich betreiben zu können, stellen wir vergleichende Szenarien zu den möglichen Stranding Points unter wirtschaftlicher Betrachtung auf, bieten fachkundig bewertete CREEM Auswertung der Energiebilanz, dokumentieren Verbrauchswerte und CO₂-Emissionen und zeigen erforderliche und sinnvolle Verbesserungen und Maßnahmen mit entsprechenden Kostenansätzen und Zeitplan auf.

    • Cost Optimisation

      In each phase of a building project there are financially beneficial options for cost improvement. Put our expert knowledge and experience to the test with a risk free evaluation.

    • Consumption optimisation

      With our expert and experienced perspective, we are able to identify appropriate opportunities for reducing energy consumption and building services charges, and can execute them if requested.

  • Planning

    • Our planning team has a vast experience with complex projects, all over Europe.

      We cover General Planning services as well as individual crafts - architecture, MEP, structure, fire safety, building physics etc. We have experience with standard functions like office, retail, hotels as well as universities, hospitals, production facilities and logistics.

    • Project Management

      We keep perspective. Using out sophisticated project management methodologies and tools, for design, conceptualisation and implementation of a project, we ensure that both we and, consequently, our customers never lose sight of any specific detail, over the whole of the project period.

    • Landlord Representation

      If requested, we can act as representative for our customers in clarifying technical questions. In performing this responsibility, we support the landlord and the tenant, when they do not have the necessary technical knowledge.

    • General Planner

      A one-stop shop: We enjoy taking over responsibility. We coordinate, check and control complex planning structures, both for single projects, for example as part of an urban renewal scheme, and for planning of new sophisticated building development schemes.

    • Concept Planning

      We understand the needs and visions of our customers and can translate them into concrete plans and figures, in which all creative design, functional, engineering and financial requirements are taken into account.

    • Execution Planning

      “The devil is in the detail”, and in the actual execution of a project it makes all the difference. Our experience and our sophisticated expert knowledge form a solid basis for efficient detailed design, from which, at the end of the day, our customers also benefit.

    • Approval Planning

      We make sure, from the very beginning, that there are no surprises in store when dealing with local and regulatory authorities. Our local teams have the knowledge and experience to adapt every building plan to the current applicable standards, building control regulations and local planning approval conditions and consequently ensure projects are fully prepared for approval.

    • Tenant Fit-Out

      Tenants prefer personal treatment. Using our expertise in planning, from requirements analysis and spatial planning through to interior decoration and site management, we are able to create structures which encompass both the wishes of the tenants as well as the strategic objectives of the property owner.

    • Design Optimisation

      We always manage to make every project plan that little bit better. Using our network of expert knowledge, we can indicate opportunities for improvement in every project phase, from concept to implementation, even with projects already in progress.

    • Energy planning

      Every gram counts. Through energy optimisation, we get the most out of your property in the planning process.

  • Implementation

    • During the implementation time we monitor the most important aspects of the construction site: quality, time and budget.

      The degree of involvement depends on the client's needs and the structure of the project.

    • Project control

      We keep track of the planning progress and the planning team for you. Thanks to our sophisticated project management techniques, we ensure that your project is completed successfully by all parties involved.

    • Project Monitoring

      Accompanying the commercial process from start to finish. It is not just the lending banks that expect competent monitoring of project progress. We also keep other interested parties up to date through regular progress reports. These reports are often linked with payment plans, etc.

    • Cost Monitoring

      All costs continuously in sight. Using the tools at our disposal, we are able to ensure optimum control of costs with every building project. In this role, we act as a neutral partner, who facilitates a clear view of the budget, for the parties involved, at any time.

    • Tendering and awarding

      To ensure that your project is realised according to your ideas, we ensure transparency and comparability as early as the tendering and awarding of services. Regardless of whether it's a general contractor tender or the awarding of contracts for individual trades - based on our planning expertise, we will find the right companies for you to carry out your project.

    • Construction Management

      In order to make sure everything stays on course, we manage the contractors involved and coordinate all building measures on-site. By taking on this responsibility our customers can rest assured, without any worries, yet still see everything progress according to their expectations.

    • Approvals

      We clear the way, and have a solution for the great majority of challenges. Because of our expertise, we are in the position to design projects, which have very special requirements and materials, to be fully suitable for approval and therefore to ensure the planned execution.

    • Acceptances

      Technical inspections are the most important step before a building is handed over. Only when all trades have carried out their work to our complete satisfaction do we release the work.

    • Commissioning

      We carry out all the necessary checks before “take-off”: Start-up is the most difficult phase. However, our customers can rest assured that the commissioning and functional testing of complex plant and equipment fulfils all requirements in the subsequent project phases. In doing so, we set out the prerequisites for trouble-free warranty management and proper maintenance.

    • Proof of completion

      In order to ensure that your property is approved for commissioning on schedule, we organise the evidence and documents to be submitted to the authorities for notification of completion at an early stage.

    • Documentation of work

      We document the work on the construction of your property expertly and professionally.

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